How To Check Gift Card Rate in Naira

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Highest Gift Card Rate

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Types Of Gift CardRate (in Naira)
Razer 10043,000
itune 10042,500
Google 10042,000
Steam 10040,500
ebay[check rate]
American Express 10041,500
America Express 500245,000
Vanilla 10040,000
Vanilla 500235,000
Cash App 10046,000
Xbox 100[check rate]
Sephora 10042,000
Nordstrom 10041,000
Macy’s 10038,000
Green Dot Fund[check rate]
Walmart[check rate]
Zell Fund transfer[check rate]
Paypal Fund Transfer[check rate]
Visa Cards[check rate]
Bitcoin Exchange $1510 to 600
gift card rate 2022/06/27